I am an organiser of a leukemia patient group. How do I become member of CML Advocates?

I am a Leukemia Patient Group Organiser. How do I become a member of the CML Advocates Network?

Please note that only advocates (representatives of leukemia patient organisations) can become members of the network and access this member-only area of the website. This is because we want to keep our discussions on advocacy and campaigning confidential within the patient community.

To register as a member of the CML Advocates Network:
  • go to the homepage and click on "No account yet? Register".
  • please fill in the form providing details of yourself and your organisation.
  • remember to provide a brief description of your organisation.
  • be sure to tick the box title 'Accept terms and conditions'.
  • click on 'Send'
The moderators will then verify the information you have provided within 1-2 working days. If you are eligible, you will receive an email welcoming you as a member of the CML Advocates Network. You will also be granted access to the member-only area then.

Membership is free of charge.

The member-only area of the CML Advocates Network offers the following:
  • An advocacy knowledge base (e.g. on patient advocacy and leukemia background information)
    • CML therapies
    • Approved drugs
    • Drugs close to approval
    • New drugs in early stage research and/or trials
    • Novel combination therapies
    • Transplantation: including both traditional and new techniques
  • A discussion forum to discuss online with other CML advocates.
  • A download area, e.g. for conference material, presentations, and tools.
  • a CML Event Calendar, providing details of upcoming specialist haematology meetings including those of ASH, EHA, ASCO, EBMT, Leukemia Net and other relevant CML conferences.

Please donate!

Please donate!

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