CML Advocates Network's publication on adherence to CML therapy accepted by Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology

JOCRHooray! Our publication of the CML Advocates Network's adherence survey has been accepted in the Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology. Our adherence study is one of the largest adherence studies made so far, with 2546 patients from 63 countries and 79 CML patient organisations and very important findings on the motivations and risk factors of patients on intentional and non-intentional non-adherence, potential tools to drive adherence. It is also a great example of evidence-based patient advocacy!

This publication has been a tough ride for us non-scientists over the past three years, given we needed support to do the data analysis and write a scientific paper. Authors were the patient advocates Jan Geissler, Giora Sharf, Mina Daban, Jan de Jong, Tony Gavin, Jana Pelouchová, Euzebiusz Jan Dziwinski, plus Dr. Verena Hoffmann who has been the scientific author, supported by Prof. Joerg Hasford and!

The news of acceptance for publication was received today, the paper will hopefully be in the public soon.

More info about our adherence survey can be found at


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