Results of our pilot survey on adherence just published in "Journal of Patient Compliance" (Vol 2 Issue 4)

The "Journal of Patient Compliance" (Vol 2 Issue 4) has just published our scientific article on the patient-driven pilot survey on adherence in CML:

Optimal jpccoveradherence to oral cancer therapy is of key importance to maximise treatment effectiveness in patients. With the advance of molecular target therapies, cancer treatment in more and more indications is transforming from in-hospital care towards oral treatment in an outpatient setting. With cancer becoming a chronic disease, patients are often required to take the drug indefinitely on a daily basis. Ensuring an optimal adherence to treatment over the long-term period could be a challenge. As data on the driving factors of nonadherence in oncology is scarce, a pan-European workgroup of the CML Advocates Network has conducted a pilot study which has unveiled differences of non-adherence between countries, administration types and use of adherence tools in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. This pilot study has provided the groundwork for a larger global adherence study that is currently ongoing in 12 languages.


Read the full text here:

Link to the global survey

Scientific reference of this article

  • Adherence in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: Results of a Patient-driven Pilot Survey, Jan Geissler, Giora Sharf, Journal For Patient Compliance, Vol 2 Issue 4 (published online on 12 Dec 2012)







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